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Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Creative


I was recently part of a video shoot for a feature film project that is shooting in Chicago this summer. I always love to learn more about my equipment, and getting to use the video capabilities on my cameras is a new opportunity to hone my skills as a visual artist.

Independent movies are made on shoestring budgets, but even with their reduced cost they still need a little help sometimes, so we made a promotional video for Kickstarter (a crowd-funding site), which you can check out here:

As you’ll see within a few seconds of watching the video, the children we filmed are adorable, and we had a great time putting together the promo. The project has had a great response, getting selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick and an Indiewire Project of the Day (

One thing I learned through the process – other than making sure you always have the camera running when kids are performing because you never know when they’re going to be focused – is just how fast a project can be put together when the creative energy is there. The video idea was conceived on a Sunday, organized on Monday and Tuesday, and shot that Wednesday. Really fast turnaround, but I like to be around that spur-of-the-moment creativity.

Hope you all like the video, and thanks for checking out one of my first forays into filmmaking :)

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